Test device for soot measurement



Test device for soot measurement

Power source 230V/50Hz
Connecting mains socket
Housing 19 "or 19 ½"
Soot intended optoelectronically
Heated gas tube
Filter before pump

No filter before the soot spot formation

Filter paper roll Ø max. 150mm internal Ø 70mm 30mm wide roll easily replaced

Review of the sucked quantity

Soot spot and measurement according to DIN 51402 Part 1

Soot spot Ø 6mm

Distance of the soot stains 15mm

Sucked in air volume of 1.62 L (5.75 cm ³ / cm ²)

Output of the measured soot optical (display device), analogue as a voltage (or current) and via serial interface

Manual operation            Single measurement by pressing a button and via potential-free contact possible

Automatic mode             Interval measurement (for example: measurement every x minutes)

Items easily replaceable
If possible, standard components in use
Schematic and User manual

PCE Messtechnik 0