About us


Size:Company with 5 employees
Year of founding:1978
Function:Development and manufacturing of computerized facilities, sensor-technique, software-development
Applied technology:Industiel PC, PLC
Programming language:C, C++, Pascal, Delphi, LabVIEW
Processable parameters:Current, voltage, torque, pressure, flow, temperature, angle, RPM, acceleration, force
Example of products: 
Testing stands for:

Regulatingmotors, Mirrors, Fanmotors, Seat adjusters,  Starters, Auxiliary heating units, Dynamos, Servo motors, Solenoid valves, Bi-pressure pumps (central locking system), Windscreen wiper arrangements, Comb instruments

Measuring instruments for:Solar systems, Dwell angle, Exhaust gas controls, Electronic injection equipment, Tracking and tractive effort



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